Always Balanced, LLC
We offer the following types of services for your bookkeeping needs:
Accounts Receivable
  • Daily invoicing for charge account customers.
  • Daily application of payments on account for charge customers.
  • Generate daily sales reports and reconciliation of accounts receivable.
  • Generate comprehensive "open balance report" by customer on a daily basis for management.
  • Prepare documentation for daily deposits and tracking.
  • Responsible for payment collection including follow-up letters and phone calls to customers over terms.
  • Daily reconciliation of cash sales.
  • Weekly statements for all customers detailing the last 7-days sales and payment activity including any aging activity.
  • Prepare credit documentation when needed.

Accounts Payable
  • Enter all incoming merchandise and associated pricing available for sale.
  • Prepare purchase orders and create bills once price is negotiated with customer.
  • Prepare bill documentation for payment and allocate each bill to proper accounting unit for the purpose of balance sheet and profit and loss statements.
  • Process all disbursements for company including payroll, purchasing, and overhead.
  • Generate a 7-day increment "accounts payable report" specifying payment owed in merchandise purchasing.
  • Act as primary liaison with all vendors.
  • Prepare credit memo for returned or damaged merchandise.
  • Generate all payrolls including salary, hourly, overtime and unit based wages.
  • Responsible for calculating tax deductions to all payroll activity.
  • Prepare documentation for 941 Tax Form deposit.

Inventory Tracking
  • Daily tracking of all incoming merchandise and sales to determine ending inventory status each day.
  • Reconcile any discrepancies identified daily inventory.

  • Reconciliation and reporting of bank statements on a monthly basis including credit card transactions.
  • Manage corporate credit lines.
  • Primary liaison with bank representative.

Tax Tracking, Documentation and Preparation
  • Track and file payroll withholding taxes on a weekly basis.
  • Track and document Sales and Usage Tax and Fuel Consumption Tax and file and pay appropriately.
  • Prepare documentation at request for end of year corporate accounting.

  • Generate Profit and Loss Statements.
  • Generate Balance Sheet Statements.
  • Generate Business Reports (banking, disbursements, sales, payroll, etc.)